Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm ready for my close up.

Ah, who doesn't love a wedding? And who doesn't love planning a wedding? So much to think about: dresses, colors, location, flowers, cake, who am I going to sit my obnoxious uncle with?

And then there's the hair and makeup.
SO important, right?

As a makeup artist, I get asked tons of questions regarding wedding makeup.
To be honest,doing wedding makeup is my favorite. There's something about adding those finishing touches to a bride's "vision" that is so fun! Makeup can really tie your whole look together.

When thinking about your wedding makeup, tear a bunch of looks out of magazines. Look at red carpet makeup. Keep your dress in mind, the time of day you are getting married, the setting, etc. All of those details matter when deciding makeup.
Ask yourself if you want more focus on your eyes, or if you want to do a bold lip color.

Here are some great photos of wedding makeup that is more eye focused:

Having an afternoon, outdoor wedding? These are some great options:

Evening, elegant, and glamorous with more focus on the lip:

This look STILL makes me weak in the knees!

There are so many things to remember on the day of your wedding, but as far as makeup goes, DON'T wear a sunscreen (or you'll look shiny, in photos), and remember to carry your touch up products with you: blotting papers, pressed powder, lipstick/liner/gloss, and blush.

And eat 2 pieces of cake.


Jenni said...

EEK! Haha, was this post for me? haha.
I will be contacted you sometime soon. Want to get all the details worked out first like buying a dress, setting a schedule, etc. :)

MerciBlahBlah said...

I'm not gonna lie - Amy and I were FREAKS about planning our respective weddings. Especially Amy. No, seriously, I bet I tried on 100 dresses. It was the BEST part of the whole thing, and how on earth can a woman be expected to pick just ONE dress? So I didn't. I bought two. In my defense, I got one on eBay for $30, and ended up not wearing it on the wedding day, but took it on our honeymoon and wore it there.