Monday, January 4, 2010

I wanna go back

To California.
Until April.

It is SOOOOO flipping cold here in the KC, I can't take it.
Before you go pointing your finger at me, saying I'm a Chicago girl, I should be used to this, listen up.
This is different.
I would take Chicago in the winter over KC any day.
Yes, I know that living in the city in the winter presents it's own set of troubles.
The question of rescuing your snow covered car, or leaving it there until March is one of them.

Being in a large city, you have options. Like staying in a museum for hours.
I'm talking about a museum that is kid friendly.
I took the boy to the library today. I'm out of ideas for the rest of the week.
And it's Monday.
Thank God for play date's at friend's houses or I would go mad!

I think that the following would help me get through it:

I love Kansas City, I really do.
But NOT when it's 4 flipping degrees.
Does anybody?