Monday, January 3, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things: part two.

Most things that I fall in love with either come from word of mouth, a sample, or seeing it on someone else's blog.
These are a few more of my obsessions:
Yes, I have worked for NARS for over 10 years, but honestly-I still think it's the best. It is a true artist's line, yet anyone can use it. The pigments are amazing, the textures are super high-quality, and it won't break the bank. I L-O-V-E the "vibe" of the line as well--edgy, playful, and fashion forward.
The Multiple Sticks are amazing. So many lines try to replicate them without success. You truly can use them on your eyes, cheeks and lips-hence, the name.
There have been countless times where I do not have time to do my make-up, yet want to look presentable, so I just throw on some concealer, and a multiple, and I look alive.

Okay, I have been a makeup artist since 1995, and I NE-VER get excited about mascara. I think for the most part, they all suck. I do have challenging eyelashes. They don't go straight down, but I had to curl them EVERY day. Most mascara's weighed them down. I used to LIVE for Vincent Longo's mascara, but it was waterproof and totally dried my lashes out. My world was ROCKED the day I received a sample of Laura Mercier's new Full Blown Mascara. Personally, I think the name is horrendous, but after using it, I could care less. Not only did it hold my curl (from the trusty Shu Uemura curler), it did appear to thicken, and make my lashes look longer!! The next day I decided to give it a go WITHOUT curling them, and IT CURLED MY LASHES!!! I have NOT curled them since! Amazing! Plus, it's super black, which I love.

Another Laura product that I love: her tinted moisturizer. My love affair also began with a sample, and I haven't looked back. I think it gives great coverage for a tinted moisturizer, and leaves my skin glowy. The best part? SPF 20, and it does NOT contain oxybenzone, which is the devil.
This woman. There aren't enough words to express my LOVE for this woman. I have worked out pretty much my entire life, and at the age of 33, this woman changed my body. I have been doing her method for about 2 years now. I began after I had my son...continued during my 2nd pregnancy, (modified of course) and 4 weeks after I had my daughter, I started up again. She is the reason I am back in my skinny jeans. Tracy Anderson, I LOVE you. I hope you know that one day, I will be working for you.

How ADORABLE is this pic of her and her son Sam??

My name is Gina, and I am a tea junkie. Actually, I am a tea snob. I could talk tea all day long. My latest find is Tazo's new Rest tea. It contains lemon balm, valerian root, licorice root, and rose claims to relax you, and MAN, does it deliver. I drink a cup every night before bed, and it sends me into a woozy state. I am SUPER picky when it comes to teas containing rose petals, as some of them taste fake and perfume like, but Tazo does not.

My all TIME favorite Rose Tea, is Miller Harris The' Petals. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tea. It isn't the cheapest around, but hey, if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad.

Sheyrl Crow is NOT one of my favorite things by the way.


Jenni said...

Ohhh I am definitly going to try out that mascara! I grew up in a house were all makeup was purchased at the drug store, so i'm just recently discovering better makeup and I am a bit overwhelmed when walking into Sephora. that mascara sounds perfect though! and i'm never heard of the method! Did she write a book?
And my hubby and I are obsessed with teas. I love the pomegranite green tea from whole foods, and the lemon citrus tea from teavana. Soooo good!

Natalie said...

I have never tried the NARS Multiple Stick. I love their bronzer and eye shadows. What color do you recommned?? I love all Laura Mercier products and you have officailly sold me on ordering the Tracy Anderson dvds. I have been debating for some time now because I just bought P90X before I got pregnant. But I want to look like Gwyenth Paltrow so I am ordering today.

GiGi said...

Jenni,Tracy Anderson did write a book, however, I wasn't a huge fan of it....I love her DVD'S-amazing.

Natalie, I look JUST like Gwyenth now. People confuse us all the time-ha. Seriously though, I cannot say enough about how great her system works.
As far as the multiples go, I LOVE Maldives--it's sort of a warm-champagne. You look like you have a bit more color than I do (I am a g-h-o-s-t) should check out Malibu, and South Beach.
I should never say those names in January. Ugh.

Erin said...

Mmmmk, I'm with Nat - sold on Tracy. I think she has a post pregnancy DVD, right? And be honest, you're in your skinny jeans because you bought the electronic cig from the kiosk weirdo and it supresses your appetite... ha!

Team Choate, aka Megs said...

Ok, you sealed the deal. I'm finally breaking down and ordering Tracy, in the budget or not!!! I couldn't snap my jeans is over! Augh. Re: the mascara, how does it work with super sensitive eyes??? xoxo

GiGi said...

erin, the gig is up. it's all about the electronic puff the magic dragons. i haven't eaten a thing in 2011--that is, if you don't include cotton balls.

yes, post preggers, as well as her mat dvd. the mat is better in the arms category, the preggers is great for my pre-tummy tuck stomach.

megs, you can justify the purchase. just tell mike it will save him $ in the end, not having to buy bigger clothes. the truth is, you will spend MORE $ after tracy transforms your body, and you'll feel like a new woman, but we'll keep that secret between us chicks.

not sure about sensitive eyes. it works well on bette davis eyes though.

sorry. i've had some cabernet.

amy * stem * said...

I have all my hopes and dreams pinned on this mascara now. World's Worst Eyelashes over here. Trust.

I may as well buy everything here while I am at it. Thanks for enabling me.

- ames