Tuesday, January 11, 2011

California Dreamin'.

I just had one of those moments.
As my husband and son played out in the snow, I watched from our kitchen window with a giant smile on my face. The 2 dudes were having the best time--snow forts, snow balls, the whole 9 yards. I had a cup of hot chai waiting for the mister when he came inside.
The best part of this whole moment wasn't the father/son bonding, nor was it the chai.
The best part was that I was inside the house, and not in that crap snow.
Snow is rubbish.
Winter is rubbish.
I know...I am from the Midwest! I am a Chicago girl!
Living in California for 4 years ruined me. I am pining for that state right now! As I type, the people in California are HIKING! They are sitting outside at coffee shops!! They are shopping OUTDOORS!! They are wearing open toes shoes!!

I have been reading the latest Joyce Meyer book on positive thinking, and as far as winter is concerned, this book is doing me NO good.
So, to make matters worse, I revisited some photos of our trip to Cali last April.
Bad idea.

Are any of you crazy enough to admit you love winter?? And I'm NOT talking about 1 or 2 days of snow...I mean December through mid March.
If so, WHY??!!


Natalie said...

I do not like Winter. Only good thing about it is the cold air does make me want/enjoy red wine more. I am ready for the summer. I want to be somewhere tropical, in a beautiful long flowing dress, perfect tan and beach wavy hair, drinking a delicious cold cocktail. California here I come, which sad to say I have never been before. The hubs and I hope to take a trip to Napa Valley one day when we are not so poor. Hopefully Old Man Winter leaves soon!

Erin said...

I hate it. There is nothing fun about it (at least when you're a grown up.) I'm packing my bags and moving to the 'bu. See you ladies there.