Sunday, January 16, 2011

A brief synopsis....

This weekend was super busy. I have a very full belly, and need to be asleep ASAP, so I will keep this brief.
I decided that for this recap, I am only going to focus on the positive. I am not going to do a Joan Rivers and dog anyone out.....except for you, Nicole Kidman. I feel I have the right to do this given the shout out I just gave you a couple of posts below:
Nicole, Nicole, Nicole, you are a gorgeous are also a bean pole, but that dress needed some spankage, and sadly, not the fun kind. You, my dear, needed full on spanks. When you were talking to everyone's favorite little person (Ryan Seacrest), I about lost my breath, and not in a good way.....I will save you the embarrassment of posting a photo.....since a non desperate housewife is THE blog everyone goes to.

My. FAVORITE. This woman can do NO wrong. She kills it every single time.

Normally I cannot stand what she wears, but I thought she looked a bride of Frankenstein sort of way.

Flawless. 46??? Amazing. I wish her bangs were a smidgen shorter, but really, who cares?

I go back and forth with this. The color? Off the charts. The shoes? BEYOND. I just felt it had premature poof-a-lation. In other words, if the bodice was slimmer, and the waist longer, I would be drooling.

This is hands down, my second favorite. The photo doesn't do it justice. And her earrings made me weak in the knees.

I am sure this is the dress that will cause the most controversy, but I think it's supberb.

I'm usually not one to like something so, well, obviously sexy, but she is perfection. The shoes on the other hand.......

So simple, but the color and the fit are perfect on her.

Beyond. Knocked my socks off.

This dress is to die for.....but Lord, she needs a stylist. This dress could go very Dynasty, and with her hair like that, she is well on her way to Linda Evans territory. Even a simple slick backed pony would have been soooo much better.

Looking forward to hearing all your opinions!


Natalie said...

I just did a post on this too! We shared many of the same favorites. I think Anne, Angie and Claire were my fav dresses. I didn't like ScarJo's dress or hair at all! I am on the fence about Juilanne Moore and January Jones, I kind of love and hate their dresses all at once! Loved your picks. I forgot to include Sandra Bullock in my list, I thought she looked good, eat your heart out Jessie James.

Alicia xoxxo said...

I just did a post on this as well! We picked a lot of the same choices! But I forgot Kyra! How? I don't know! I loved her! Angelina looked awful in my book. I saw her being interviewed and the shoulders on the dress looked a tad too big, and her hair looked very 1982. The overall whole look was a disaster, for me at least. I think if it fit a little better and she actually did something with her hair, I would have loved it. You can hardly ever go wrong with Versace.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Yup, I did my post today too. You included several that I din't. Kyra - how could I have forgotten her? Those earrings made me pee myself, and with the color of the dress? Guh.


Beth said...

I LOVE day after fashion posts!!Favey faves: Kyra & Anne. Both had my jaw on the floor. Kyra's color reminded me of the stunner Michelle Williams rocked a few years ago at the Oscars. I loved Claire's pink dress, but sister needs to get herself a cheeseburger- I could see ribs. Not so faves: Julianne Moore. I wanted to rip the other sleeve off, it just seemed too big, but the color was amazing and so was half of the necklace/neckline. I'd also like to discuss who is styling the hair up in H-Wood these days. Scarlet & Angelina were just a hot mess last night. Of course if I had 7 children or just got divorced from Ryan Reynolds, I might be a hot mess myself.

SGM said...

okay, now you have to link to the Nicole "I need spanx" photos. I just had dessert and need a little consolation.