Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Most of you know, that aside from a few posts regarding my husband and my son, that this blog is mainly about "frivolous" things.
Don't get me wrong, fashion, cooking, and home decor are fun, creative outlets that, if not obsessing over them, are harmless.

I find that there are times when it is difficult for me to keep things in perspective. Why do I sometimes spend more time scouring the Internet for vintage chandeliers than I do in my bible?
Why do I ponder what I am going to wear to dinner on Friday more than I do asking God what I am supposed to be doing for Him?

Yes, these deep thoughts are stemming from somewhere.

Twice in the last week I have read gut wrenching stories via the blog world.
First, Megan's story, which had me sobbing for hours.
Next, Marija's story, that hit me at my core.

My heart aches for these families, and I hope that as time goes by, I will still remember to pray for them often.

I can say that daily, I am filled with gratitude for what God has done in my life.
However, I want to be better at being grateful.

Some things that I am so grateful for:

My amazing friends
Power (after 30 plus hours of not having it this week, I am beyond grateful)
The Lord's provision

Don't worry. I'll be back to my regular posts about Birkin's, Nicole Richie, and my love affair with Smitten Kitchen--but sometimes it's good to get a bit serious every now and then.


Sarah said...

I never comment, mostly lurk, but I had to after this post. Love your honesty. You may enjoy, esp "Nella's Story."

MerciBlahBlah said...

Woman, I felt exactly the same way this morning when I posted. Heart.

Maria said...

such a rich post, my heart has been so heavy and convicted lately too, thanks for sharing.

mindy said...

Such a welcome reminder, Gigi. Thanks so much for posting this! xoxo

Jill said...

I haven't had tons of time to enjoy blog reading lately but just so happened I did tonight and so glad to read your post. Thank you...just what I needed to read today. Lets get together again:)

GiGi said...

i thank each of you for your kind, kind words.

sarah, i read all about Nella. thank you for sharing that blog with me. What a brave woman to share that journey. i admire her greatly.
the blog world is so interesting. it's amazing that you can share stories with people you might never meet, yet still feel you are a part of one another's lives.

thanks for listening.

Full House said...

I feel you on this. It is so hard @ times to keep priorities and perspective in line with all of life's distractions. I know that obviously you know that when you do things that focus on the important reasons as to why we are really here on earth (like learning to love like our Savior, being with family, learning to forgive, repent, etc) then that is when we find REAL joy and happiness...even when life is hard.

I like these posts so just carry on with your bad self.

xx - Christina

Anonymous said...