Sunday, July 25, 2010

Double the hormones.

It's such a blessing to have this gal in my life. She is one of those rare birds-the kind that you can be yourself around. The kind that really listens when you need her to, is there for you no matter what, whose heart is bigger than you can imagine, the kind that makes you laugh from your gut. Her and her amazing husband are our dearest friends, and we love love love them to pieces. My son is quite smitten with her as well. It's no surprise that being pregnant at the same time is something so exciting and special for us. AND we are both having girls! So fun! My husband and I wanted to give them a shower, and show them just how much they are loved. Jared and I had such a great time planning this, and are so happy with how it all turned out.
We are soooo excited for their baby girl to arrive, and to be able to watch her grow and discover how amazing her parents are. What a blessed little girl she already is.

amber on the left. me on the right. people say we look like sisters. i have to agree.
invitation-made by my insanely talented husband.
handmade fabric flowers made by my insanely talented mother for my baby shower. she made hundreds of them, and i love how i was able to display them on amber's special day.
the daddy to be getting a little hands on experience.
my little dude thinking santa came for him.
see? my gold 6 ft. tall bird cage DOES serve a purpose.
toasted coconut short breads for the favors.
decor done by by insanely talented husband.

double chocolate sea salt brownies. a pregnant woman's crack.
raspberry filled short breads.
rosemary strawberry scones. yes, the talented husband was involved here too.
coconut cupcakes. toppers made by you know who.


Maria said...

Im in awe, everything looks beautiful, including you two!! I love the invitation, your hubs has skills!!

Natalie said...

The shower looks awesome! Im impressed by all your husband's skills! and I need that recipe for the dark chocolate sea salt brownies, they look delicious!

GiGi said...

thanks guys!! my husband needs his own show, i'm telling you.
natalie, here's the link to the brownies:

we REALLY up the salt. we put about 3 tsp of coarse sea salt in the batter, and about the same sprinkled on top before baking. it's worth the sodium, i promise.

hannah said...

you two are so perfect for each other. and you do look like sisters! my favorite part is that you are both literally glowing. give that amber a squeeze for me, yes?? i miss you ladies. and i can't wait to see those baby girls of yours rockin' the scene.

Melanie said...

how BEAUTIFUL! It is so sophisticated, just like Amber!!!! Those cupcakes looked phenomenal, did you make them?

GiGi said...

hannah, i will squeeze her for you. twice.

mel, you will flip over these cupcakes. martha stewart recipe, super easy, and it's hard to eat just one. i've made them several times.
there's one in my fridge with your name on it.

Anonymous said...


MerciBlahBlah said...

I trust you will be bringing me a sea salt brownie AND a raspberry shortbread to ladies wine night tomorrow? GREAT - thanks. I appreciate it.

Your house is Way. Too. Cute. I mean it - just stop it. You're making the rest of us look bad.


Angie said...

What a fancy and beautiful shower! YOur husband rocks!!! What are you naming this sweet girl?

Nichole @ Parlour said...

Could you guys BE any cuter? Still waiting for the fab pics of your house. I see glimpses in the background and it's making me want more!