Sunday, July 18, 2010

"I have nothing to wear"

I don't know HOW many times I have uttered those words, when, to be honest, I had plenty to wear.
When pregnant with my son, I was able to wear cute dresses, be indoors, and not have to deal with disgusting summer humidity. This time around has been a completely different story.
Chasing after a toddler does not allow you to wear a dress. The one day that I took a chance and did, was the day I had to rescue my child from the slides at the park. It was windy and I had to climb to the top of the jungle gym- it was NOT a cute Marilyn Monroe moment, I assure you.

I have been rotating the same flowy tanks and leggings for months, and I am ready to light them all on fire.
This chick, Miroslava Duma, makes me want to scream!! How fricking cute is she with her bun in the oven? Yes, she works in the fashion industry, and actually has places to go that justify being dressed this way. I can only imagine how hysterical it would be if I tried to replicate one of her outfits, and took my boy to story time. In Kansas City.
In the meantime, I will just keep rotating what I have, and dream of cool weather and anything without an elastic waistband.


vwiese said...

gina, I want to see less pictures of other preggers women on your blog and more of you. I bet you are stinking cute right now!!!!

Anonymous said...