Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He's not gonna take it. No, he 'aint gonna take it.

Forget Joe Biden's potty mouth. This is a really big effing deal.
The mister and I were two of more than 7 million viewers that sat down to watch Mr.Oliver's new show, "Food Revolution", and we were blown away by what this man is trying to do.
And it's about time.
He is using his being a celebrity for SUCH an amazing cause. It's more of a movement if you ask me. Changing the way you eat can truly change your life, and changing those habits in children at a young age is not only difficult, it is crucial.
What really made my blood boil was the fact that in a classroom of kids, not ONE of them could identify a TOMATO. Yes, a TOMATO. We're not talking rutabaga's here people.
Who's fault is that?? Mom and pop. It all starts in the home. Sure schools are HIGHLY to blame for what they are serving the students, but for the parents not to know what's going on until a renowned chef comes in and tells them is absurd.

I could go on for days about how awesome I think this show is, but I will spare you. If you think it is just as awesome, go here and let him know.

And if you want to be shocked about food even more, watch this:

And find out what your typical slab of beef at a grocery store is washed in. I'll give you a hint, it's ammonia.


Lizzifer said...

Amen sister! David and I were just discussing how school lunch programs need to support healthier food. Als talking a bunch about growing home gardens and eating locally grown stuff, but that's beside the point. This man is my new hero.

MerciBlahBlah said...

I am so BUMMED that I missed the show - I love Jamie Oliver and watched his program that he did in England about the same thing.

Chelsea Earnhardt Plax said...

I don't even know how I ended up at your blog, but it must have been fate because I watched Food Inc then got to see Mike Pollan when he was on Oprah! Long story short, my husband and I haven't eaten meat since (except grass fed from local farms) and dude that was in Jan! And love J. Oliver too. OK, great topic and love your blog!!!

mindy said...

couldn't agree more. loved the premiere, love his recipes, love his cause.....and i'm watching this week's episode right now. go jamie!

Anonymous said...

Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.............................................

Anonymous said...

i was so excited for this show to finally air. i watch it every week on tivo and LOVE it. but was a little disappointed this week when he teaches the town how to eat really healthy by making stir-fry that looked to have lots of oil (which i doubt was evoo), BEEF, and white noodles. Couldn't they have at least used organic meat or white meat or some kind of noodle w/o white flour? To me, this isn't the picture of healthy eating... But I guess he has to start somewhere??? Wanted to hear your thoughts on this! Have a great weekend.

GiGi said...

Briana-thanks so much for your comment!
It's funny, when I was watching them make the stir fry, I thought to myself, "that just looks like crisco vegetable oil with the label ripped off!"-but you never know, maybe it was evoo?
as far as the beef goes, my honest opinion is that beef isn't the enemy. the beef that a large percentage of the population buys is, however.
grass fed, organic beef isn't a horrible thing in moderation (sorry all you vegetarians), and I would like to think that Jamie didn't use the grain fed, washed in ammonia beef.
i know the meal probably wasn't "perfect", and i had a bit of a sour taste in my mouth when he gave green giant frozen veggies a nice plug, BUT we have to remember the LEVEL that he is playing on here. this isn't a food inc. documentary type of show-this is prime time large network stuff here, and i am SURE that it pains him to have to play by some of those rules. he's off to a good start though, and I am excited to see what happens next!!