Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I hope it's not taboo, but I'm hijacking your thread to tell you I love you. That I'm proud of the mother that you've become. I've been stealing all of Addison's cuddle time, but I know that he can't last a day without you. I know that because he's just like me.

Addison and his dad


Full House said...

so tender..I need a tissue.

no really my husband would get a little treat if he too hijacked my blog an said something sweet...unless of course he was trying to make up for something bad he had done and in that case....no treat for him.

jessie said...

geez, j - i'm cryin' ovah here. gigi's pretty lucky to have you, you know? love you guys.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Oh my hell. Thanks a lot dude - that was so sweet you just gave me a toothache. Seriously. Could the three of you BE any more adorable? Yes, probably when the three of you become the four of you.


Sparrow's Nest said...

This sweet note totally made my heart warm. How sweet...well done dad...you just made Mom's day!

amy * stem * said...

I want to marry all of you.

So sweet.

- Ames

mindy said...

the sweetest! what an awesome dad and husband.

GiGi said...

he's my lobster.