Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bosom Buddies.

You're obsessed with your father. Oh, you don't mind being around me, but if he walks in to a room, you FLIP out. You want to be right by his side.. Even when you hear him walking through the house, you crank your neck looking for him. This started about 3 weeks ago. People say it's normal, a phase, but to be honest, I hope you're always obsessed with him.
You two are SO much alike, it's ridiculous. Laid back, patient, focused, and you both think my dramatic flair is hysterical.
Just a reminder though, he wasn't the one in labor for 28 hours before having to go under the blade.
I wonder how many times I'll use that one.


Style Scout said...

2 peas in a pod...they are too cute! Julian can be your surrogate whenever Add is snubbing you for Jared.

mindy said...

that first picture is so adorable! i love seeing dads with their mini sidekicks.

oh, and i'm so playing the c-section card once nolan figures out that dad is way more fun than mom. ;)

Lizzifer said...

28 hrs? Really? Ok, forget what I told you about eventually wanting kids.

michael and kristyn said...

so glad he's obsessed with dad. that's the best!