Sunday, March 7, 2010

Want my opinion?

Dear Sarah Jessica, you can do no wrong. I heart, heart, heart you.

Cameron: great hair, great makeup, dress looks like something SJP did years ago.

This cougar takes the CAKE! PERFECTION! Though I would have LOVED a red lip on her.

Good GOLLY miss Molly! This picture doesn't do her a LICK of justice. When she walked out on that stage, tears were brought to my eyes. The BEST she has ever looked. Well, maybe except for when she went to prom solo.

Hate this. Moving on.....

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my Mac.

The top is okay. The bottom reminds me of the tissue paper decorations I made for my son's birthday party. HORRID.

I go back and forth with this. One minute I think she looks classic. The next, I think she looks like the mother of the bride.

If you had a fuschia lip and an arm full of bracelets, I would be happier with you.

This dress is beyond. But I hate that her face is so monochromatic.
Hannah, your hair is shear genius, and when I saw a close up of your eyes, I choked up. But that dress is so ill fitting, and WAY too old for you. You're grounded.

Please fly away like a butterfly, and never return.

Maggs, the top of this number has serious potential. Then my eye reaches your knee area, and all I can think of is a bottle of Hawiian Tropic.

Just because you are always on my favorite list doesn't mean you can get away with this, Krugs.
Remember in the 80s when it was cool to put rubber bands all the way down your pony tail? That's what this reminds me of.
I am having flashbacks of wearing one of those devices that allows you to hands- free breast pump. Know what else this reminds me of? That Janet Jackson cover where the guy is standing behind her, holding her boobies. Awful. Just awful. The fact that I love the color with the red lip means nothing anymore.
If this dress were a wee bit shorter, I would be able to sleep tonight. Oh, and change your shoes.


Sparrow's Nest said...

I am beside myself over SJP's dress. HANDS DOWN my fav of the night. Brought tears to my eyes, no joke. Beyond.

Full House said...

For sure the best Oscar fashion recap. I think you should have your own show.

emmy-ray said...

I don't know what was with the monochromatic faces this year, but a lot of gals did it. Not a fan.

jessie said...

agree wholeheartedly on SJP... although i was majorly in the minority of the group that i watched the red carpet coverage with. she takes major risks and i love her. also - your interpretation of krug's dress? priceless. :)