Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reach for the stars...

no, this isn't my boy. but my boy has begun reaching for me, and my heart melts every single time. even if he is screaming his head off while reaching for me, i still melt.
sometimes the screaming makes me reach for the nearest bottle of red, but i still melt none-the less.
this little dude has changed so much in the last couple of weeks--pulling himself up on everything-anything-anyone. sitting up in his crib. becoming more curious, and flirting like mad. he loves the ladies. from my friend, mel, to the cute check out gal at costco, he always has the attention span to flirt.
everyone always says, "this age is the BEST"-no matter what age their kid is. i can't imagine it being better than this, but i know it will be. even when he's 13, and his voice is cracking.
however, i don't think he'll reach for me then.
i will savor each reach i get.


michael and kristyn said...

that feeling sounds wonderful.

GiGi said...

you just wait little mamma, 'til you get that baby in your arms! his little feet are never gonna touch the ground!!