Sunday, September 27, 2009

The gift that keeps on giving...

Even living in Chicago, my parents were able to provide us dinner (and then some) all week!
When they came to visit us this past weekend, they came LOADED with goodies form their AH-mazing organic garden. They take gardening seriously. Their neighbor's mom even commented that she hadn't seen a garden like that since she lived in Greece.
Monday was this gem of a soup that I make constantly. This time I got to use Kale from their garden!
Tuesday we stuffed our faces with stuffed poblano peppers that were off the charts yummy, in my opinion.
Wednesday was veggie burritos with a delicious black bean/avocado salad using mom and dad's tomatoes.
Thursday we tried out a new recipe for soup.
Friday was an old tried and true favorite with my mom's kale, and tomatoes-paired with Tilapia and cous cous.
Saturday was another staple at our house. We used the zucchini and squash from my parents.
My mom and I also pureed lots of veggies for Addison-my freezer is literally jam packed.
To top it all off, I made some zucchini bread, and we STILL have lots left over.
So thanks mom and dad for feeding the 3 of us--now come here and do my dishes.


michael and kristyn said...

Way to go Chef GiGi!
Can we chat soon? I have some good mom questions for you...

GiGi said...

would LOVE to chat!!! email me, and let me know your sched. this week!!