Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bananas for Butternut Squash.

I have been out of control lately with the butternut squash recipes. I just cannot get enough of the king of all squashes.

First it was this recipe, Smitten Kitchen's Butternut Squash, Lentil Goat cheese concoction. Loved it. So did the toddler. Add pumpkin seeds. Yum. don't like cheese from goats? you're dumb. swap for feta.
*note* I did NOT use smoked paprika. Used hungarian=not spicy.

THIS I made tonight, and I am STILL salivating over it. That Ina sure knows what she is doing. Which is probably why she drives an insane Audi, lives in the Hamptons, has an herb garden the size of my bedroom, and doesn't have a problem spending $5 per heirloom tomato.
*note* used peppered turkey bacon instead of pancetta. No porky pig eatin' for me.

And then there is the mother of all squash recipes: Giada's Butternut squash lasagna. This will blow your mind. *note* I add ground turkey sausage, swap the basil out and use sage, and about triple the amaretti cookies. This is quite a crowd pleaser.
We have re-named the dish, big boobed lasagna.

As if you didn't know why.

Now, go get your squash on.


Natalie said...

So funny I just printed that Smitten Kitchen recipe to make next week! I am so glad to know it was good but Smitten Kitchen never disappoints. We def have similar food tastes. I have been wanting to make Giada's lasagana. and why does she always wear low cut shirts. Matt says she is porn on the food network the way she moans and has boobies everywhere.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Go here:


make it (it's NOT low fat at all). Send me a small token of thanks after you eat (your vintage chevron fur jacket should suffice).


Beth said...

I just got my hands on a bn squash risotto recipe from bon apetite. I'm too chicken to try to make it- newbie in the kitchen. I will send to you...then you just put a little batch on my doorstep. I like where this relationship is heading! ;)