Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She's my favorite.

Oh, Nicole. Where do I begin?
I have loved you for years now, and my love just keeps on growing. I became your stalker when you were sporting that fabulous blonde bob-and yes, I tried to copy it, and no, it wasn't cute on me.
I about passed out when I saw you at Barneys in Beverly Hills holding your drink that was bigger than you were, and the day you ran in front of my car on Robertson blvd. to avoid the paparazzi was one I'll never forget. You even waved to thank me for not running you over.

I think if you had a lame reality show like your dumb friend Paris, where crazy chicks competed to be your BFF, I would enter. And now that Ms. Zoe is out of your life and you're eating again, we could even share clothes. After I have the baby of course. OH! And how perfect is this--you could give me all of Harlow's hand me downs for my little woman, and I can give you all of Addison's clothes for Sparrow!
See, it's perfect.

Speaking of perfect, this get up that you're rocking in this picture is fierce. I wont hold it against you that it's part of your over priced Winter Kate collection. You can make it up to me, by handing it down to your new BFF.
I mean, you don't want to be photographed in it twice, do you?
I've got your back girl--that's what BFF's are for.


MerciBlahBlah said...

Sigh. She's a dream, isn't she?

Melanie said...

You 2 could totally be BFF's. She's darling, and you both can rock a fedora better than anyone I have seen.