Friday, June 12, 2009

You've come a long way baby...........

It was suggested to Jared and I that we celebrate Addison's half birthday's since his given birthday is so close to Christmas. Not quite sure if I agree with the concept, but I couldn't pass up his 6 month birthday! We started the festivities by having lunch with Uncle E. Addison loves him, and was swooning over his pants (they were pretty fantastic).
Tonight we tailgated with a ton of friends before Addison experienced his first Royals game. So many people came out to celebrate-even David Cook!! Well, even if they weren't all there for Addison, it sure felt that way. He had such a great time, and was super tuckered out by the end of the evening. So were we-which is why we relaxed with some strawberry balsamic cupcakes, champagne, and Joel McHale.
Addison Jagger, your dad and I are beyond thankful, ecstatic, and blessed that we get to be your parents. These past 6 months have been life changing in so many ways, and we are so thrilled for what's to come. You're a pretty special little dude. We love and adore you madly.
Happy 6 months pancake.

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