Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh the drama...

This is something my son and I don't have in common right now: the love of food. Oh, I'm sure he'll get there someday, but right now he is rebelling like the best of 'em. First it was the zucchini-you would have thought I was putting battery acid in his mouth.
Okay, you win. Let's try avocado! I mean, who doesn't like avocado? Uh, Addison doesn't. And I am just remembering my dad doesn't either. Great.
I am determined to get this kid to eat green vegetables. And he is determined to spit them up all over his body (see photos). So I guess this is our first battle..Game on, kiddo. Game on.

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Style Scout said...

ok, this kid is hilarious...I love these photos!!!