Monday, June 1, 2009

The best of Times.....

Seriously-what did your dad and I do for entertainment before you came along? You are getting so big my boy. Please accept my apologies for the emotional breakdown I had the other night regarding this. It was a routine pacifier check while you were sleeping, and BAM! The floodgates were opened. Wasn't it just yesterday that I could barely find you in that huge crib because you were so tiny? Wasn't it just yesterday that you got lost in all of your clothes, because they were so huge on you? Now we are having to retire the bassinette on your stroller (frightening), and you have a storage container FILLED with clothes that are too small on you!
I know that you are just doing your job, but your mom wants to freeze time...just for a little bit?

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Angie said...

he is so cute. and you look so happy. i love it.