Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yum Yum gimmie some....

I may not be blogging, but I sure am cooking.

Made these cupcakes last night for a birthday get together, and they were insane. I REALLY want to make these next, but there are 43947209 steps, and one of them requires a kitchen torch. Gee whiz, Martha, chill OUT.

If you like cauliflower, you HAVE to try my girl Ina's garlic roasted cauliflower. I was sad when I ate my last bite.

I also made Bethenney's Sun dried tomato stuffed chicken breasts, and they did not disappoint.

On a side note, I think I am having issues with gluten. I was talking to a friend who said that a trauma to the body can bring it on. My issues began occurring after c-section number 2 (pardon the pun). I am going to see a holistic doctor who will hopefully be able to shed some light on the situation.....this is HORRENDOUS timing, as my husband and I just found a pizza crust recipe that we're in love with.

Any of you have issues with Mr. Gluten?


MerciBlahBlah said...

Oooooh gurl, those cupcakes look good. Don't know if you saw my post recently on the key lime coconut cupcakes I made for Easter, but they. were. MAD yums.

Got your voice mail and it made me giggle. You called just as I was getting my stitches out of Frankenbutton. I would LOVE to get together. I'll call you back and we'll set something up!


Sarah said...

I love me some Ina. I basically roast every vegggie under the sun and they are all delicious. Her roasted broccoli is great and if you dig brussel sprouts (or even if you don't), give that a roasted whirl. Delish!

Paula said...

Oh yum; you can't go wrong with Ina, or cupcakes, or sun-dried tomato anything! And you may want to have your thyroid levels checked, too, since they can cause issues as well - especially after a pregnancy.

Hang in there!

GiGi said...

shan, you had me at key lime cupcakes. bring your frankenbutton over here STAT. call me.

sarah, i could eat those brussel sprouts morning noon and night. they're insane!

paula, i am so testing the thyroid as well. pregnancies are no joke. i'll keep you posted.. at least we have cupcakes.

Natalie said...

Those cupcakes look insane and if you loved Ina's califlower you must try her Roasted Broccli with parmesan and pine nuts. Sorry about the gluetn thing, I hope everything is ok because a life without pizza= sad.