Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's going on.....

Spring is seriously kicking my rear. I'm not talking about allergies or anything of the sort...I'm talking projects/tasks/commitments galore. I have really been scaling back on blog reading, and obviously blog posting, and to be honest, it's been nice. I've actually been reading-BOOKS for the first time in forever.

Aside from having the exterior of our house painted, having a new kitchen back splash put in, new windows on the house, freelance jobs, teething, an unbelievably sad death in the family, and, well, life's normal day to day tasks, here's what else has been going on:

Lovely peonies from our front yard.......

A special date--mom and dad took our boy to first Friday's .

These yummy cupcakes--cayenne spiced chocolate that we served with Ethiopian Coffee Ice cream

This chicks margarita's have been consumed around these parts as of late.

As has this woman's fish tacos (the salted cabbage is SOOO good with them).

More peonies.

Also, I have NO idea why my blog's format looks so horrible----I don't have the patience to mess with it-my apologies!!!

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