Monday, May 30, 2011

One of my favorites....

I have a few favorite rooms in our home. My daughter's nursery is one of them. This room used to to be her brother's nursery. We kept everything the same--furniture (yes, he had a hot pink dresser), wallpaper, etc. The only things we changed was adding a pink bumper to the existing bedding that my mom SLAVED over, and a few more girly touches.

I'm already designing her "big girl room" in my head--that won't happen for another couple of years, which is fine, because I really do love this sweet place.

This crib is the "Mercedes" of the room. I went back and forth on wanting something more modern, like the Oeuf, but decided on this one from Bratt Decor. This picture doesn't so it justice--it's really beautiful, and way over priced. Sort of like my handbags.

The rocker is Amy Coe for Babies R' Us. My husband and I drove ourselves MAD to find a rocker that wasn't completely heinous, and didn't cost thousands of dollars since we paid a pretty penny for the crib. I wasn't too sure about this one in the store, but once we got it home it worked great. The chandelier is something I had in my apartment in L.A.

I wish I could remember the site that we got this wallpaper was super cheap. It's an "infant toile" that has lambs, bunnies, and angels on it. The doorknob is from Anthropologie.

The fabric flowers were all handmade by my mom. She made several dozen for the centerpieces at my baby shower, and I am obsessed with them. The woman has skills, and patience! The cute, "this little piggy went to Prada" book was given to Frankie by my sweet friend Beth.

This little armoire holds little Frankie's shoe collection. I LOVE this piece. We got it on Craigslist for $40 dollars.

This dresser was a FIND, let me tell you. We found it as is at a yard sale for $17.

Little birds found at a thrift store. The art work is something we put together..The little lion card was part of a set found at a local printing press, and we used several of them that we framed over decorative paper. The little pink card to the right reads, "Metal Head"...of course, I had to have that.

Overall, this room is much "sweeter" than I normally design things, but I am glad we went this route. I'll be sad when it changes.


Megs (Happiness in the Making) said...

Makes me want to a) have a girl b) start rearranging furniture like mad c) thrift like crazy...all at 10 p.m. on a Sunday after a 10-hour car trip. Darling!!! Your great taste shines through like always!

Carly said...

I WISH I was this creative...
I am great with outfits...not as much w crafty decor.
I love the way my son's nursery turned out but it was ALL store bought and then my mom (who sews and is crafty) handmade some cool peices, pillows and drapes and a friend who is an artist painted some cute animals to hang on walls..but I did NOTHING aside from coordinate it Oh well- we all have our strength. LOVE that rocker w hanging chandelier...beautiful.

Sheridan French said...

Ok I am peeing in my pants at that hot pink $17 dresser!!! Were the people you bought it from blind and just had no idea what they were selling!?

Emma (Glitter and Gold) said...

Just found your blog and I am loving it!! great nursery; love the dresser! I love finding other mummy bloggers to follow! Stop by and say hello some day . . . xoxox E

Fashionista Era said...

great pictures!

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