Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two heads are better than one.

During the day, my little miss isn't in love with me putting her down. Not even if mamma has to pee. This doesn't bother me all that much for several reasons. One, she sleeps a good 8 hour stretch at night thank you Jesus. Two, there is the God created apparatus called a baby Bjorn. Three, she's super duper cute.

While I am ever so grateful for this over the shoulder baby holder, you can only get so much done, especially if you're short, as I am. I try to prep a bit for dinner, but I can't see what I'm trying to slice or dice, and that, is dangerous.
So either the little lady is napping on me while I catch up on any and every reality show on the DVR, or, we have fun with photo booth.
I am really enjoying our mommy daughter time while her big brother is napping, and am grateful for all of the sleep smiles that I get to catch from her sweet little face.

Having every limb fall asleep, and being afraid to move while on the couch is another thing.

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Erin said...

She is precious! Love those pouty lips! I cannot wait for Baby Girl #2 to come in March so that my limbs can fall asleep while holding her sweet little self all day :)