Thursday, November 18, 2010

Being a creep pays off.

So about a year or so ago, I was working a make-up gig, and one of our clients had the most insane earrings on. I immediately put my brushes down, left my client (so professional), and had to know where these beauties came from. The sweet gal told me that a friend of hers made them, and lives in Lawrence, Ks. Well, of course my pregnant brain could NOT for the life of me remember her name. After much stalking on line, a friend of mine was able to find her, and my life has never been the same. Yes, I am way over dramatic here, but I am in LOVE with her work, and I am sure you will be too.
The creative genius behind all of this gorgeousness, is Rachel Dempsey. Rachel is originally from Kansas City, and has been living in Lawrence (one of my FAVE places ever) for the last 8 years.
I recently stalked, er, contacted Rachel to know a bit more about herself. She has a serious passion for collecting and creating jewelry, and is inspired by Native American work as well as classic vintage jewelry.
All of her bead weaving is done by hand, and each piece is an original design. How cool is that?
She has recently incorporated gemstones as well as crystals into her bead weaving.

If you live in Kansas City you are one lucky duck, because her creations will be at the Bizarre Bazaar at the Lawrence art center on November 27th, and at the LOLA Giant show at Van Go December 11th and 12th.

Rachel's website is almost up and running, but for now, you too can be a stalker on her facebook page.

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Fab Chica said...

OH EM GEE! i've been racking my brain (causing super premie wrinkles to my fivehead) thinking about what to get my sis in law..she's married to a native american and i KNOW! she would just die for these beauts.. you are the bestest..thanks or shall i thank your superior stalking err.. investigative work.. :)

So glad i linked ova from another page.