Saturday, April 4, 2009

My bleeding heart

So, Add has these baby nail clippers by the american red cross. I now know why they-the red cross- are endorsing them. Addison could have given blood after I gave him a "manicure" the other night. Normally I am able to clip his little nails without any issues-but I accidentally nipped the little fella's thumb, and after several minutes of him screaming, I saw the blood. Those friggin' things are S-H-A-R-P. Why didn' I just let Freddy Kruger near my kid's didgits? I felt awful--horrible. I started crying, which didn't help Addison at all.
Jared came in and threw some calm on the situation and played doctor (don't be silly-this was serious!!). After some neosporin with pain numbing goodness, a band-aid, and a sock cast, all was well in the hood. Except i still felt like Joan Crawford.

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