Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear Catastrophe Waitress

I worked as a waitress for quite sometime during my years on the stage (not that stage, silly).
If there is anything that drives me bananas, it's when I get crap service. I'm not talking about the- you forgot I said no foam on my latte-crap service. What I am referring to is someone who can't, for the life of them, muster up a smile. Someone who asks you 3 times in 5 minutes if you're ready to order yet. Someone, who right after putting your order in the little computer, comes over and puts the flipping check down on your table.
This, my fellow readers, is what happened yesterday while "lunching" with my home girl (yeah, I said it). No, we weren't at a diner. No, we weren't at the Waldorf Astoria. That's all besides the point. This chick stalked us until my girl paid the bill. And what did she do immediately after?
Sit down and eat.
In front of us.
She must have been really hungry.

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Kristin said...

I sooooooooo get it. Tonight we ordered pizza. My husband didn't check it of course and when we opened it it was charred and inedible. When I called to complain I didn't get an apology or an offer to send out another order. Is customer service dead?