Saturday, February 28, 2009

The martha in me

They say when a woman is pregnant she has an uncontrollable urge to nest. I have had that for over 10 years now. Granted, it has gotten stronger since I married J, but I have always loved to create "my space". Now-well, it is safe to say, I am obsessed. J can testify-I will show him at the very least, 3 new ideas I have for our casa in hopes that he will match my insane enthusiasm.
I have always been very creative, and yes, I'll be the first to admit, dramatic, but now it's over-the-top. I think because I have hung up my acting hat (for now anyways)--cooking and decorating are my outlets (that, and dressing up my son--he's my muse, what can I say?).
I have 364203402308463 blogs bookmarked for ideas, and 325236238462384 items on my wish list. For several months I have wanted an antique secretary. And today, ladies and gentleman, that want has become reality. Of course I have to put my Gina spin on it, so there will be painting and knob replacing, etc. Hopefully J and I will be able to tackle this project soon. I'll post some b & a pictures for you 2 fans that read my little blog.
All in all though, it is fun finding unique pieces that aren't in every typical store window-even if our garage looks like a furniture graveyard for a couple of months.

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