Saturday, February 28, 2009

Can it, Ryan Adams

I have been so incredibly blessed in the friend department. I think what makes "best friends", well, "best" is that you can be yourself-no matter what. No judgement, no nonsense.
I think as you get older, it becomes more difficult to make new friends. Everyone has their lives, and hey, life can be hectic. What's even more difficult is when you move to a new city. Years ago, i had to experience that when I left Chicago for crazy L.A. Then 4 years later I was in the same boat when Kansas City became my home. KC has been much more challenging. Don't get me wrong-people here couldn't be nicer--but it's a much smaller city--and, well things just seem to take more time.
But then came Amber. 
Amber owns the coolest hair salon-The Darling Room. Not just the coolest salon in KC, but really-the coolest. 
Long story short-it took Amber and I a bit to spend time out of the salon-again, life can be hectic-but I have met my match. The girl is my soul mate. There aren't enough hours in the day when we have our coffee dates--we could talk until the cow's come home. And don't even get me started on how she makes me laugh. Hence-the point of this blog entry.
Amber and I had a coffee date at our usual spot yesterday,and she came armed with the coolest present (note photo at the top). These are amazing. There is so much fun that can be had with these cards. After catching up, her teaching me how I can get my hair to look like psycho Olivia's on The City, and a golden retriever rescue (I'll explain at a later date), well, we had, an encounter. After many head turns, and me google-ing his tour schedule, it was determined that Ryan Adams was enjoying a coffee with some friends at an outside table.  I got the idea to drop one of my new cards on his table while walking by. Now this idea requires some 'you know what's' regardless of the recipient-but any fan of Mr. Adam's know's he's a bit if a hot head. This notion fueled my fire. Of course Amber was on board. Off we went, casually walking by his table as I made the drop. I truly expected an FU from the rock star-I was prepared. I was wrong-he couldn't of been cooler. Loved the card-already owned some of his own. Chatted for a while. Gave some KC recommendations, and off we went. 
It was a good afternoon-spending time with my friend Amber-I look forward to many more.

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