Monday, March 14, 2011

One of these kids is doin' his own thing.....

You , my boy, continue to amaze me. We went to the zoo last Friday, and as soon as I took you out of your stroller, you were on a serious mission. I thought hat you were headed straight for the polar bears (where 50 some others were gathering). I couldn't have been more wrong. You went straight for this little shelter with picnic benches tucked inside. At first I though maybe you wanted to sit and have your snacks. You didn't. You just kept walking in and out of this covered area--as soon as you would get under it you would look up. And as soon as you got out of it you would look up You did this over and over and over for about 15 minutes or gave me time to get your sister situated, and I wasn't thinking much of it....but then I realized what you were were looking at how the inside of the shelter was shaded, and the outside of the shelter was sunny. You were fascinated by it!! After my realization, I went over to explain to you how the sun gave the light and the shade gave the ..well, shade. You looked up at me and , then looked at the sun, and then the shade, smiled, and then were ready to move on.

It's these little moments that I want to remember forever.

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Jenni said...

awww I just smiled throughout that entire post. What a sweet story! I hope you print that out and place it in his baby book :)