Thursday, December 3, 2009


So, we have this room in our house. It's the room I don't let anyone go in unless I have had a few glasses of wine.
It's my dressing room/office. It is a mess.
Oh, my clothes are quite organized. So are my purses, and boots, and platforms, and heels, and belts, get the point.
But the room hasn't been touched. We're talking wood paneling people.
Jared and I have big ideas for this room. We first have to tackle the master bedroom, but when we are ready, this picture is along the lines of what I have been lusting after.
So if any of you have any connections over at HGTV and want to submit me for one of those shows, I'm not gonna object.


alissa said...

i want a room like that! in function and looks haha. a whole room for shoes are trembling with jealousy:)

w said...

I don't see any shoes in that photo.

GiGi said...

you are correct W---that's because I would like another room devoted to shoes ONLY.

A chick can dream.