Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And the Winner is....

I never win anything-well, aside from that 5th grade Halloween contest. I went as Madonna, and won five bucks. Oh, and then there was the time I won that "FEED" bag designed by Laura Bush at Whole Foods......

Getting back to the point. My dear, sweet friend Mel chose me as one of her favorite bloggers. I am blushing (it's NARS Desire, by the way). THANKS MEL!!!

So, here are my top 10- favorite- I MUST read everyday- blogs:

okay, that's techinically 11---so I have a problem, so what?
There are New Year's Resolutions for that.

1 comment:

mindy said...

congrats!! i love reading your blog, as well. and i'm so flattered i made your top ten...er, 11! ;)